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يناير 26, 2012 / ѕαмαитнα ☠ ѕαsнα


When You be With mE

I feel Better !!

I don’t want to let you GO

‘cuz I don’t know what i’ll do Without you

Maybe I’m alittle Strange

but that is the truth

I’m very happy with you !!!

You are My FRIENDS

and i want you to be my friends Forever

I’ll Never LET YOU GO

That’s what i feel right now !!

and forgive me for everything .. 🙂

By : Samantha


2 تعليقان

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  1. MeeshoO2pm / يناير 28 2012 4:33 م

    Yeah U R My Friend ! And u will be ma friend For ever

  2. ѕαмαитнα ☠ ѕαsнα / يناير 28 2012 6:08 م

    hahahaha …

    Thank you sooo Much … (^^)

    Thank you for support us 🙂

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