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يناير 23, 2012 / ѕαмαитнα ☠ ѕαsнα

?Why you can’t hear my heart


 Oh Yeaaah !!

I’m Here under the rain ,, you’re here but u can’t see me

I just braaaash But You can’t hear me 

I brash inside myself .. Want you , want you

When i think about you My heart beats and beats Faster than You think

I LOVE YOU  ,  I LOVE YOU and I wanna say it loudly


Why you can’t Even Hear my aloud beats
Why you can’t see my eyes ..
Why you can’t Understand  My feelings !!


Just Take Care of yourself ..
and Never Forget my feelings

By : Samantha


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  1. Sahar SosO / يناير 24 2012 12:42 ص

    yeeees whaaaaay??

    i like it so muchhh

  2. KIM RANA / يناير 24 2012 12:03 م

    so0 n!ce i like it ❤

  3. MeeshoO2pm / يناير 24 2012 1:18 م

    Nice !!!!!!! Like it

  4. ѕαмαитнα ☠ ѕαsнα / يناير 24 2012 7:52 م

    Thank you all ^^
    please support Us .. To keep Going hahaha

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